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Hobby Lobby Resurrection Sunday Message

Beginning Easter Sunday, 1997, Hobby Lobby placed a full page message ad in all of the newspapers in which we advertise. Since then, we have placed a full page message ad each Christmas day and each Easter Sunday in our newspapers in which we advertise. For Easter 2007, this was 290 newspapers in 30 states with a readership in excess of 47 million. For July 4, 2007, Hobby Lobby placed its Independence Day message in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times with a combined readership of over 4 million. For Thanksgiving 1998, one of our affiliate companies, Mardel Christian and Educational Supply, through its media agency, EthnoGraphic Media, also placed a message ad in the worldwide edition of USA Today. The impact and relevancy of these messages is ongoing. We invite you to send us your comments on our message ads. We appreciate your input and thank you in advance for taking time to send us your thoughts about these messages.

Signs of the Times?

Luk 21:11 - And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Wed, 4/14, was a busy day with a fireball, volcano, and 6.9 earthquake.


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Former NM Rep Dist 20, Ted Hobbs

Ted Hobbs, a former Republican leader in the state House of Representatives and an advocate for open government, died at 75. He had been diagnosed with cancer in July.
Hobbs served in the House from 1995 through 2006, when he was replaced by now Mayor Richard Berry. Former Gov Gary Johnson, remembered him as  "a really principled guy" who combined conservatism and compassion.  "He believed in smaller government, believed in efficient government ... and believed also there were individuals in need of help," Johnson said. Hobbs was awarded the William S. Dixon First Amendment Freedom Award in 2003 by the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government. Granting public access to legislative meetings has been an ongoing battle at the Capitol - an essential principle for a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Webcams have allowed great advances in this area. The open conference committee requirement was enacted into law last year.

James White is the current State Rep for Dist 20.

Obit in Abq Journal, Apr 14.

Darwinism as Ideology
by Joe Renick
Intelligent Design Network
New Mexico Division

As we contemplate our life and its meaning, most of us will, at one time or another, ask the following questions:

Where did I come from? How did I get here?

Any answer to these questions, whether scientific or religious in nature, will come down on one side or the other of the most important question we as humans can ask:

Is our existence the result of unguided material causes alone or is there a guiding intelligence behind it all?

Today, the answer public education is giving students in the biology classroom is that it is “unguided material causes alone” that explains “where they came from” and “how they got here”. This is in effect a naturalistic creation story that completely contradicts the views held by most Americans that it was a Divine Creator who was responsible for the creation of the cosmos and all of life. The answers to these questions about “where we came from” and “how we got here” are profoundly important to both our personal lives and our culture because they determine the kinds of answers we give to another set of questions:

Is there an ultimate purpose and meaning to my life? How should I live my life? What will happen to me when I die? How can I make sense of my existence?

Darwinism in fact, provides answers to these questions but they are answers that are radically different than those based on the traditional Christian beliefs in a Creator. Yet it is the Darwinian creation story alone that is taught in public education.
Neo-Darwinism, supposedly taught as a scientific theory, looks very much like a secular ideology, in fact a religion, taught in the name of science, one that not only challenges the rationality of Christian faith but also our understanding of what it means to be an American. In The Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson writes…

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This single statement lays out the foundational principles upon which this country was founded where the existence of a Creator who gives us our rights and liberties is presupposed as a self-evident truth. Likewise, embodied in these ideas is the existence of a “Natural Law”, given by God, impressed on the heart of every human, that is universal and above the positive laws of man and his governments.

How then do we reconcile Darwin and Jefferson?

Darwinism, if true, drives a stake through the heart of Jefferson’s self-evident truths - not to mention the most cherished beliefs and hopes of most Americans and their deeply held conviction that their lives have meaning and purpose in some ultimate sense. Darwinism, in effect, says that America’s foundational principles are based on a myth. This raises an interesting question.

Does the teaching of Darwinism in public education in effect constitute treason or is all of this so academic that it never influences personal or social life? Read on.

The sociological impact of neo-Darwinism provided ideological fuel for most of the godless totalitarian regimes of the Twentieth Century…regimes in which the rights of the people are whatever the State says they are…regimes which, in the name of “social cleansing”, murdered over 100,000,000 of their own people…men, women and children.
It would be wrong to hold Darwin personally accountable for the atrocities, the misery and the suffering poured out on mankind by these evil regimes. However, ideas have consequences and when Darwin’s ideas came to life in these regimes, many came to death. It is no coincidence that Darwin’s theory of natural selection, which in nature entails the killing of many for the sake of a few, was also reflected in the social policies of these regimes.

We may find some comfort in convincing ourselves that all of this is simply a part of a regrettable past episode in the history of man, however, we can only be deeply disturbed when we recognize that those same ideas are alive and well in our universities and…in public education.

Did Darwin have as his objective the development of a godless explanation for life or is that just where the evidence led? In his public works (his books) he clearly left room for a creator. In his personal letters however, it was abundantly clear that he was out to evict God from nature and regretted those places in his public works where he had written soothing accommodations to appease his Christian critics. For a fascinating review of this subject see

The truth “on-the-ground” in America is that students are being subtly indoctrinated into a materialistic religion whose purpose is to destroy Christianity - Root and Branch - and we pay for that education with little more than a whimper. If you have ever wondered about the de-Christianization of the West, start with Darwin. If you have ever wondered about how that happened, look to public education.

Churches Disagree with CYFD Regulations

CYFD is again requiring State regulations for all of New Mexico's licensed childcares or preschools that some churches disagree with.  As a privately funded church school, our own Preschool's questions are: how much authority, beyond health and safety issues, is our State allowed to have over preschools and child care programs that take NO State money?  Is there a way to fight the State's growing control over our private programs?  
Please pray that God will help us honor Him in the midst of this and help us protect our private school and family freedoms.  It would help a lot, if folks can contact legislators regarding this concern. 

What we want:  a basic level of licensing that exempts schools that do not take State funds from regulations that are not health or safety hazards.  Preferably, we would like all church schools that request it to be exempted from licensing, as are many city programs and non-public schools for K-12 ages.  Otherwise, programs must fight this same issue every few years.
Caren Blackstone
Director of Cornerstone Preschool in Alamogordo / 575-434-0106  
If you need to look up regulations, you can find them on the home page of

Youth Crisis by Mark Ortega

One of the unknown factors in the youth crisis is the “throw away" crisis. A throw away kid is a child who has been thrown out of the house. It could be for any number of reasons. I have been very familiar with runaways since I was a kid.  In fact I was a runway at the age of 18. Despite what I thought and what the world feels, many people are not adults at 18. I wasn’t. But throwaways are different. They do not have loving parents like I had twice, with biological and adoptive parents. They do not have many options for homes.  One sad example is Sabina.

Sabina’s name has been changed for obvious reasons. When I first met her I was working at a runaway shelter. Sabina was 12 1/2. Not quite 13.  At the shelter we usually didn’t take kids under 13. But since Sabina was almost 13 we made an exception. Her grown sister’s had brought her in. They went on and on about what a terrible kid Sabina was. But as what happens when people make a lot of noise in those situations there was more to the story then was revealed at that time. When I first met Sabina she was in a rage. She threatened to kill me if I got near her. It’s not every day that I’m threatened with my life. I took her advice. As time went on we found out when Sabina was little her family was on drugs. Her father used to ....

Read this entire heart-wrenching story at CINews.

Earth Day & the Climate Change "Crisis"

Don't let the celebration of "earth day" on Apr 22 make you feel guilty.  Rather than focus on priorities such as clean water and good stewardship, promoters emphasize efforts to stop "climate change."  It's not "global warming" any more, because the earth isn't really "warming."  It's just "changing."  People voted for "change" in the 2008 election, but apparently not this kind of change.  So what kind of climate change do we do not want and how do we know if it's happening?  Radical Environmentalists (REs) have latched onto two concepts/assumptions - 1) climate extremes and 2) climate control.  

The first supposes we are headed for a climate extreme (hot or cold; we don't know which).  The fear of death is no longer limited to personal injury, illness, or old age.  REs attempt to superimpose this fear over the entire human race.  It doesn't matter if individuals die as long as there are some left to propagate the species.  How many are necessary, we're not sure, but we're supposed to have a preservation mentality.  Sounds like pantheism and eugenics.

The second assumes humanity can control the climate by stopping some actions (e.g., reduce CO2) and by starting other actions (e.g., remove CO2).  We have no experimental basis for believing these actions actually have any affect so the whole effort is based on faith.  Now I thought faith in something was a religion, not science.  Weather forecasters have difficulty predicting five days into the future, nonetheless 100 years.  We also don't know whether to heat things up or cool things down.  In the 70s, it was "global ice age." More recently, media has promoted "global warming."  Humanists like the idea of controlling human evolution.  A real scary thought is that, in ignorance, a global effort to prevent a predicted climate extreme could actually make it worse.  Maybe the Lord will return before that happens (among other things).

Albuquerque City Council reviewed a $2B Climate Action Plan last year just before the new Mayor took office.  Mayor Berry and several City Councilors do not support the radical environmentalist agenda so this proposal should be dead in the water for some time. However, battles with state and national environmental groups will continue over this controversial issue (NMCCAG, EPA).  

The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) has proposed new regulations for New Mexico’s dairies that could deal a crippling blow to dairies across the state.  NMED’s proposed regulations do not reflect the best available science for environmental protection.  Meanwhile, dairies are struggling with record low milk prices, and NMED’s proposed regulations would substantially increase environmental compliance costs for New Mexico’s dairies.  With the dairy industry accounting for over $2 billion in economic activity to New Mexico, it is estimated that about half of existing dairies in the state would be required to close if NMED’s proposed regulations are implemented.  See DIGCE Action Paper.

Saturday, May 8th at 7 PM, Michael J Oard (formerly a meteorologist with the U.S. National Weather Service for 28 years and the lead forecaster for Montana until his retirement in 2001) will present evidences for catastrophes in the Earth’s past and their implications for global climate change that will challenge many of the commonly accepted viewpoints on these issues. His subject title is Global Warming – an Alternate View.  Michael J. Oard, speaks and writes extensively on evidences regarding catastrophic events in the Earth’s past such as the Lake Missoula flood that formed the Channeled Scablands of the Pacific Northwest, and the meteorological conditions that produce an Ice Age.

Various nations (e.g., Britain and Australia) are leaving the climate change bandwagon (if they were ever on it).  NM Science Foundation has a section dedicated to understanding the truth of this issue.  Your comments and insight are welcomed.

Find it Here Commercials

Spiritual commercials are running in primetime TV slots - testimonials of hope, purpose, peace, and life.  Visit to see the ads.  The website helps people find a local church.  Find it Here is similar to the mission of Ask Jesus Now by directing people to prayer and a local church.

Late Term Abortions a Grisly Business in Albuquerque

The Albuquerque Journal West Side printed my letter to the editor on the late term abortionists.  

Curtis Boyd, a longtime Albuquerque abortionist who is expanding his business and has hired two late-term abortionists who worked for George Tiller. Tiller's abortion business in Wichita specialized in late-term abortion. He was gunned down and killed last year and his office subsequently shut down. Boyd's business (Southwestern Women's Options) Web site has been updated to reflect that he and his associates will abort up to 30-week-old unborn "fetuses" in the womb. He charges $3,495 for 25-week-olds and between 26 and 30 weeks, you can "call for fee quote." This is a grisly business but very profitable and it's legal.

Please help raise the level of outrage concerning Albuquerque's new status as the late term abortion capitol in the PUBLIC EYE by writing the newspapers, calling radio stations, blogging, etc. Consider that this could be a significant issue for New Mexico voters during the summer primaries and November elections. It is a positive issue for pro-life candidates running for the Governor's office, the three U.S. congressional districts, and state legislative offices and a negative issue for pro-abortion candidates. YOU can help elect pro-life candidates during the mid-term elections to take back the Governorship, the state legislature and U.S. Congress. Let's not waste this opportunity.

New Mexicans do not support late term baby killing! We pro-life Christians must help keep this issue in front of the public.

Phil Sevilla

Will NM Join Other States in Challenging Health Care Legislation?

Lawsuits from 13 states--some collective, others individual--are already in motion from attorneys general who represent a wide array of politically diverse populations. Michigan, Idaho, Mississippi, Minnesota, and now Louisiana, are also wading in the legal waters with announcements that they too may go to court in hopes of fending off ObamaCare at their borders. All but 11 U.S. states are following up these legal revolts with a regional one, having introduced or passed legislation in some form that questions the bill's constitutionality (or, more accurately, the lack of it--as Ken Blackwell, Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Ken Klukowski point out).  FRC Action, 3/23/2010

Contact the NM AG with concerns about the health care legislation so NM can join other states bringing lawsuits against an unconstitutional law.  Fax your letter (they don't want emails) to fax: 222-9006 (Abq).

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